Kylie is a young Woman, an Aboriginal Australian, who lives in the Kuranda Rainforest in Australia.

Knowing how much Global Warming is causing Violent Wildfires and harm Down Under and its Animals along with people, she decided to start an Organization to save Aussie. With everyone across Oz agreeing with her, Kylie knows that there’s hope for her Home Country.

Her name is a Noongar word which means “Boomerang”. Australia has its own Nicknames which are Down Under, Aussie, the land of the Kangaroos, Lucky Country, Oz & the land of the long Weekend.

the artist

RAINBOW MOSHO is the teen old artist and author on the autism spectrum creator of  the Rogue Girls collection. A total of 75- 1/1 – hand drawn Rogue Girls from around the world will be ready to awaken your adventurous side.

the mission

75 girls from around the world do amazing things, wear incredible clothes, have magical stories and break away from the norms and expectations in their culture.

the process

Each creation was generated on Rainbow’s iPad – using her right hand index finger.

Each creation will be available as NFT.

A book – ROGUE GIRLS RULE – is in the works – to be published August 2022.

Merch available in Red Bubble. A Journal – More Soon!


As NFts on Foundation and OPENSEA





December 2021 – Rainbow Mosho was exposed for the first time to a fashion magazine. She could not relate to what she saw.
She asked: “What is the meaning of this? I cannot relate to those girls because I do not know their story.”
She liked the covers with Rihanna and Lupita N’Yongo.

She said: “I know the word Rogue. It means to break the law. I will create magazine covers with stories that I can relate to.

Each Rogue Girl from 50+ countries will appear on the cover of her magazine called  Rogue. 
She titled it Rogue because some girls have to trespass the boundaries of what society expects them to do in order to achieve their dreams or break away from difficult situations.
Rainbow has written stories for each of them and the art is very special and the themes are international in scope. Including sociopolitical (from her perspective as a 13 year old on the autism spectrum), Mythology plus her Imagination.

Saorise is a 3 year old Selkie who lives with her

Pod & Mum in the Sea of Ireland. 



Anacaona is a 15 year old Aztec Girl of the Golden Puma Tribe in the Mountains who spent her Quinceañera fighting evil and ended up saving Mexico.

She’s seen as a Hero & Inspiration to many Females, including little Girls.

Her name means “Golden Flower”.



Bohuslava is a Teenage Girl who lives in the Ukraine and has just lost her Beloved Family & Friends because of the Russian Invasion.

Traumatized and Heartbroken, Bohuslava becomes filled with Everlasting Fury to get Revenge after what had Unforgivably happened.



Chiyo is a 13 year old Japanese Girl who was born into a Family of Ninjas, but only Males are allowed to be Ninjas instead of Females.

One day, two Robbers stole a Sacred Gem from Mt. Fuji.To get the Gem back, Chiyo immediately dove into action and fought off the Robbers. During the Fight, the two Robbers cut her Face which gave her two Permanent Scars.



AthenEstrella is a 13 year old Girl, whose Father is Puerto Rican and her Mother is Greek, making her a Greekarican. Even though she’s been Judged & Rejected her whole entire Life by Thoughtless people, AthëñEstrełłæâ is determined to make this World a Festive, Safer, Creative, Colorful, Loving, Respectful, Greener, Healthier, Understandable, Extraordinary, Diverse, more Positive & Anti-War place.


Which is your favorite rogue girl?









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