rogue girls rule NFT art challenge


75 Girls share their stories wanting to build a better world.
But new rogue girls (and boys) from WEB3 are needed!
Why do Rogue Girls insist on sharing their stories? Artist/Author RainbowMosho
explains: Because we must be heard. Every female, young and/or old, must never be silenced. Us Girls must be listened to! Our voices, dreams, challenges will not be drowned in deafening noise.
* Young creators from around the world joined the art challenge. incredible art, moving and fun stories were shared!
winners art challenge (2022) —  Congratulations Sky, Kota, Maya, Ariana, Chloe, Kimon, Janvi, Rosewolf, Plaifon, Anastasia and mailany!!

All the artists/art will be included in the book – ROGUE GIRLS RULE

All the artists/art/stories to be exhibited/shared – GIVE4KIDZ ART AND FILM FEST (CALIFORNIA OCT 2022)


Who can participate? How?

1 entry per child – Open to Child artists (ages 2-14)
* Submit before 11:59pm EST, June 30, 2022
* TO ENTER: Tag @RogueGirlsRule in your post with your art in Twitter & use #RogueGirlsRuleArt
* Or email your submission to:
* Submission confirms parental consent to participate in the art challenge, use of art, artist name in social media and art exhibit and winners art/story to be included in the book 
Most Creative (art and/or story)
Best Visual (art)
Most Bizarre (art and/or story)
Most Hilarious (art and/or story)
Rainbow Mosho’s Special Selection
Five (5) randomly chosen winners (1 winner from each category)
 and 3 (three) finalists
will  have their art and story included in my 5th book – Rogue Girls Rule (to be published August 2022)

Want to learn about the Rogue Girls? Enjoy this website.


Follow @RainbowMosho on Twitter/IG/FB/TikTok.
Also follow @RogueGirlsRule on Twitter

* All the winners to be included in the Rogue Girls website - for 6 months
* All the entries will be posted in the Rogue Girls website

 - for 1 month
* All the entries and winners will be exhibited at GIVE4KIDZ - G4K Youth Art & Film Festival (California USA)
A special Rogue Girl created by Rainbow Mosho will be awarded to all kid artists submitting a full creative process video with their art!  
* include it in your Twitter thread or submit it with this form
Yes, show your blank screen or canvas or page up to your finalized creation!

what else

should you know?

Provide the following in your entry or via email – Name, Age, Country, Social Media handles (Twitter, Instagram)
A. Upload your NFT ROGUE Girl short story (200-400 words) Word file preferred.   * by sending the file you authorize Rogue Girls Rule to use it in the book, website and/or social media posts (parts of it or in its entirety.
B. Upload your art – high resolution file 4500×4500 pixels (300) – Square, PNG (max size: 10MB).  * by sending the file you authorize Rogue Girls Rule to use it in the book, website and/or social media posts.

C. BONUS: Send in an Email your creative process video as a wetransfer or google drive file!  * by sending the file you authorize Rogue Girls Rule to use it in social media posts (parts of it or in its entirety).

* You may use this form to upload your files -


CREATE art inspired by the ROGUE GIRLS & their stories.
Choose one:
a. Create/Draw a new Rogue Girl or Boy from a country of your choice – draw it in your style!
b. Create/Draw a NFT Metaverse Rogue Girl or Boy from a country or planet or metaverse of your choice – draw it in your style!
c. Write a story about a Rogue Girl or Boy from a country of your choice.
d. Create a new Rogue Girl or Boy and write a story (country of your  choice/draw it in your style). Yes, you may submit your art and story together.
Be CHOSEN to include your art and/or story in Rainbow Mosho’s 5th book – ROGUE GIRLS RULE!


Send an email to:

* Rainbow Mosho has published (co-written, written and fully illustrated) 
4 books between Nov. 2021 and March 2022.  The last 3 books have included art 
from other artists (adults and kids) - a result of art challenges on Instagram.

* Find Rainbow Mosho on Amazon -

* You may read - FREE - her books with a Prime Unlimited account

NOTE: Your creation is yours. Feel free to mint your art, promote it, sell it.
The artist name/country will be included with the art and/or short story in the book.
Winners will be mentioned in Social Media (posts, videos).
Participants may not make claim to ownership of the name Rogue Girls/Rogue Girls Rule/Rogue Girls NFT
There is no monetary compensation for this art challenge.
Rainbow Mosho, Autism The Happy Kingdom do not and will not make claims to your creation.

Privacy: Your information will not be sold to third parties or used for personal gain.